Pet License

License your pet and get your dog park pass online!

We are partnering with to offer online licensing for Ankeny residents, for new licenses or questions, please visit Questions can be directed to the customer service line at 1-877-730-6348 (toll-free).

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Pet Licensing Information

Ankeny residents are allowed up to four dogs, four cats or a combination not exceeding four animals per household on a residential lot. The license fee is $15 per altered pet and $25 per unaltered pet.  A current certificate of rabies vaccination is required at the time of application. Deadline to apply is March 31.  Please note, processing time may take up to two weeks. Please call PetData customer service at 1-877-730-6348 with questions or concerns.

Why should I get a pet license?

Licensing your pet improves the chances of having your animal returned to you should they become lost or run away and helps the City of Ankeny ensure that pets are vaccinated.

Failure to license your pets could result in a $50 fine for the first offense and $100 for subsequent offenses. The City also requires a $45 impound fee and $25 service fee if a pet is picked up by Animal Control. Remember: The cost of a license is far less than being caught without one! 

Get an Ankeny Dog Park Pass!

Ankeny Dog Park SignTake advantage of Ankeny's 7.5 acres dog park, allowing dogs of all sizes to run freely in an entirely fenced in area! The park features a half acre pond, separate small and large dog areas and open green space for your dog to run.

Ankeny Dog Park passes are $25 for residents and $35 for non-residents. Park passes are good until Dec. 31. After which, a new pass will need to be purchased for the next year. If you purchase your dog pass online with your pet license, your dog park gate access code will be emailed to you after your license is processed (typically within 48 hours). If you do not receive your dog park code, please contact Parks & Recreation at 515-963-3570. Dog Park passes can also be purchased at the Parks & Recreation office at 1210 NW Prairie Ridge Drive.