2019 Ankeny Bicycle Tourism Plan

Central Iowa Trails Network

The City of Ankeny’s investment in its local trail network has resulted in an impressive network of nearly 80 miles of local and regional trails. The network will expand as the city completes projects in the planning pipeline. Besides trail investment within the city limits, Ankeny is a partner in developing regional connections through the Central Iowa Trails Network (CITN).

High Trestle Trail

The most popular segment of the CITN is the High Trestle Trail (HTT) and High Trestle Bridge - over 250,000 annual visitors travel along the HTT. Uptown Ankeny is home to the HTT’s southern terminus. Despite HTT popularity and the local trail network, Ankeny has yet to capitalize on its potential to capture trail tourists.

Ankeny Bicycle Tourism Plan

The City of Ankeny’s Economic Development Department started the Bicycle Tourism and Economic Development Strategies planning effort in the spring of 2018. The overall goal of the effort is to identify implementable strategies that will bolster local economic activity through bicycle tourism. Ankeny’s Bicycle Tourism Plan outlines the strategies Ankeny can carry out over the next eight years to place Ankeny on the map of every bicycle tourist’s list of places to visit.

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