What can my child do at the facility?

Youth Members:

  • 12 and under must be accompanied by someone 16+ years old at all times inside the facility
    • May use the gym, track, bocce ball and shuffleboard equipment, with supervision only
  • 13 and older may use the facility by themselves
    • May use the gym, track, fitness equipment, shuffleboard and bocce ball equipment only

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1. When is it open?
2. Do I need a membership?
3. Do you offer a family membership?
4. How do I purchase a membership?
5. What is included in my membership?
6. What programs and services do you offer for seniors?
7. What can my child do at the facility?
8. Can I be a member if I’m not an Ankeny resident?
9. Can I pause, cancel or transfer my membership?
10. Can I rent space at the facility?
11. Can I rent a gym?
12. Is there a lost and found?
13. Do you offer financial assistance?
14. What happens if inclement weather?