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Does the City offer free mulch and compost to residents?

The City of Ankeny offers free mulch and compost to Ankeny residents and businesses during the spring and summertime.

The mulch and compost are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week outside the fence of the City Maintenance Facility, located at:
211 SE Lorenz Drive
Ankeny, IA 50021

The mulch comes from wood and yard clippings that are dropped off and chipped during the City’s tree and branch recycling events. The mulch is rough and has not been dyed; however, it is still effective at retaining moisture and preventing weeds around trees and plantings.

The compost is made from the wood chips and leaves the City collects during leaf collection days in the fall. The City periodically turns the compost pile with heavy equipment. The natural organic processes raise the temperature of the material but we do not add any artificial heat or cook the compost.

Who do I call before I dig?

Iowa Law requires you to locate underground utilities before digging. Call 811 or visit Iowa 811 One Call.

Curious about flags, stakes, or paint markings in your yard or neighborhood? You can do a ticket search at Iowa 811 One Call and search by address or use the map interface to select a location and view available information.

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