Downed Trees and Branches

If there are branches, trees, or debris blocking driveways or on private property clearing them is the home owner’s responsibility. City of Ankeny staff will clear branches blocking public streets.

When does Ankeny pick up storm debris?

If you have a downed tree, branches, or debris in your yard after a storm event, watch the City of Ankeny’s website, Twitter, or Facebook accounts, or call City Hall at 515-965-6400 to see if the City is going to provide a storm debris cleanup program. The decision to pick up fallen branches/debris from a storm is determined by the City Manager based on the severity of the storm and the extent of the damage.

If a city-wide pickup is not announced, your garbage hauler will collect yard waste in bags or bundles. Contact your hauler for more information.

How do I report downed branches on power lines?

If there are branches, trees, or debris on the power lines contact Mid-American Energy at 888-427-5632.

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