I've received information from MetroNet. Who are they?

MetroNet is a leading provider of 100% fiber optic internet, television, and telephone services. MetroNet has an agreement with the city of Ankeny to install a citywide fiber-optic1 network either underground or on existing utility poles, giving city of Ankeny residents access to gigabit2 speed internet, some of the fastest in the world, along with stunning television picture quality, and clear, reliable telephone service.

MetroNet currently provides service or is under construction in over 100 communities in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, and North Carolina. This collaborative investment provides the city of Ankeny residents an additional choice for internet, television, and telephone bringing competition into the marketplace.

MetroNet has a website dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns residents may have about the construction process. Visit the MetroNet Construction website or call 877-386-3876.

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1. I've received information from MetroNet. Who are they?
2. Who are these people in my yard? Are they allowed to be there?
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