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Request a public record from the City of Ankeny via this form

  1. The City of Ankeny acknowledges the right of the public to access public records maintained by the City in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 22. The City takes this public responsibility seriously, is committed to open government, and makes every attempt to respond to requests in a timely manner.

    Pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 22, certain records maintained by the City are not public records and may be exempt from public disclosure. For more information, please consult the Public Records Policy.

    Please request police reports via the Ankeny Police Department.

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  3. Contact Information

    Since we may need to get in touch with you to confirm all or part of this form, a phone number or email address is required. Information will not be given to third parties and will only be used to respond to this inquiry and future correspondence.

  4. Delivery Method

    The City of Ankeny will email records.  If a different form of delivery is desired, please indicate your preference below.

  5. I certify that I may be charged for costs related to the inspection/copying of public records, and the records will not be released to me without payment.
  6. The legal deadline to complete a request is a maximum of 20 business days upon receipt of the request.

    For questions, please contact the City Clerk at 515-965-6405.

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