Lateral Move Program

  • Must have 12 months of certified law enforcement experience with any city, county, or state law enforcement agency to be considered a lateral move
  • Certified police officers in the State of Iowa, who are current officers or have no more than a six-month break in service, may be exempt from taking the Police Officer Selection Test (POST) and the Cooper agility test as they have already passed these tests to become a certified officer.
  • Out-of-state certified police officers must complete the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy
  • Lateral move certified Iowa police officers may skip ILEA, however, they must complete the field training
  • A certified police officer hired by the City as a new police officer is entitled to 50% of the balance due on their employment contract with their latest City / County / State employer not to exceed $2,000


  • $69,467 certified with at least 1 year of experience
  • $72,941 certified with at least 2 years of experience
  • $76,587 certified with at least 3 years of experience

Signing Bonus

New employees, who at the time of hire are currently certified law enforcement officers, shall receive a $5,000 signing bonus payable on the paycheck following completion of the following terms:

  • $1,500 upon passing the Field Training period
  • $1,500 at the completion of 2 years of service
  • $2,000 at the completion of 3 years of service

Employees hired under this provision have the one-time option to use the first bonus to purchase up to 45 hours of paid time off (PTO) at their current hourly rate, after the successful completion of the field training period.