Mayor & City Council


The City of Ankeny City Council is comprised of five members elected at large for overlapping terms of four years.

  1. Bobbi Bentz

    Bobbi Bentz

    Mayor Pro Tem / Council Member

  1. Jeff Perry

    Jeff Perry

    Council Member

  1. Joe Ruddy

    Joe Ruddy

    Council Member

  1. Todd Shafer

    Todd Shafer

    Council Member

  1. Kelly Stearns

    Kelly Stearns

    Council Member


The City Council is empowered through Chapter 17 of the City's Municipal Code to hear proposals and makes approvals related to the establishment of wards, fiscal authority, public improvements, contracts, employees, and compensation by elected officials.   

How to Speak at a City Council Meeting

The City Council welcomes citizen participation during its regular meetings and provides an opportunity for citizens to address the Council at the start of each meeting.

The Rules of Protocol

In February 2007, the Ankeny City Council adopted a Policy for Citizen Participation (PDF) at City Council Meetings, which clearly outlines the protocol for citizen participation at the council work sessions and regular meetings.

For further information related to City Council Meetings and citizen participation, please review the open meetings policy or contact the City Clerk’s office by phone at 515-965-6405.