File a Report

Filing a police report is a very simple process. It should not take much time, and is the beginning of the process of finding a satisfactory conclusion to your problem.


To file a police report, all you need to do is contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office at 515-286-3333 and explain what assistance is needed or requested.

Communications officers do not ordinarily take reports over the phone. If you need to make a police report and you live in the city of Ankeny, a communications officer will gather your information and send a police officer to your address, your place of business, or you may be asked to come to the Police Department to file your report.

We would ask you to come to the police station only under certain circumstances:

  • A minor non-injury parking lot accident where both cars are still drivable
  • To report situations that took place a long time ago
  • If you choose to be discreet about this particular situation

In most instances, a Police Officer will respond to your location to take the report. Depending upon the type of call, the reporting process should be fairly short. The officer will ask several questions and take notes.

When reporting a car accident, lost or stolen property, etc. it is important to know exactly where the incident occurred. The Ankeny Police Department can only take reports on incidents that occurred within Ankeny. If the incident occurred in another city you would need to report the incident to that city's police department.

The Police Officer will then write his or her final report after they leave. You may obtain a copy of your police report from the Ankeny Police Records Department after it has been completed and approved by the shift commander. This usually takes about two days. Any initial questions concerning your report should be directed to the officer that took the initial report.

If you do not live in Ankeny but the incident occurred in Ankeny, you will have to contact a police officer at the Ankeny Police Department. Bring all information you have regarding your incident. For accidents, please bring the vehicle involved, proof of insurance, driver's license and any information about the other driver. Our officers can not leave the city to take a report.

Should an investigator be assigned to your case, you will be notified at a later date. This can take from one to several days depending on the investigator's caseload. From that point on, the investigator would be responsible for answering your questions. To obtain copies of police reports, contact the Records Department Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Except holidays and emergencies - an emergency is constituted as a public safety event or incident interrupting staff's ability to comply with a request.)

The Ankeny Police Department is located at 411 SW Ordnance Road.

Surrounding Agencies

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