State of Iowa Incentives

The Iowa Department of Economic Development manages a wide variety of programs to assist existing and new businesses as they grow in Iowa. They work confidentially with businesses and site selectors to find the place in Iowa and the programs that bring the greatest long-term success to business.

Iowa Economic Development Authority Business Assistance Programs

The City of Ankeny’s Economic Development Department staff will work with new and expanding industries to coordinate all aspects of procuring financial assistance from the state, community college and municipal sources. Learn more about Iowa Economic Development Authority Business Assistance Programs.

High Quality Jobs Program

Iowa's main business assistance program is the High-Quality Jobs program. It provides  qualifying businesses assistance to off-set some of the costs incurred to locate, expand or modernize an Iowa facility. This flexible program includes loans, forgivable loans, tax credits, exemptions and/or refunds. The Iowa Economic Development Authority offers this program to promote growth in businesses, which employ Iowans in jobs defined as high-quality by state statute. To qualify for this very flexible assistance package that includes tax credits, exemptions and/ or refunds, a business must be a non-retail or non-service business and meet wage requirements. Learn more about the High Quality Jobs Program.

Research and Development Tax Credits

Iowa is unique in that it is one of the few states to offer a refundable research activities credit. Companies located in Iowa can earn refundable tax credits for research and development investments that may be paid directly in cash to the company once its tax liabilities have been met. A company must meet the qualifications of the federal research credit in order to be eligible. Supplemental research credits are also available through the High Quality Jobs (HQJ) program. Learn more about Research and Development Tax Credits