Central Iowa Traffic Safety Task Force (CITSTF)

The Ankeny Police Department partners with the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau (GTSB) to ensure the safety of the motoring public within the City of Ankeny by receiving grant funding for traffic safety enforcement and traffic safety educational activities. The GTSB administers a number of federally funded highway safety initiatives to provide funding to perform directed overtime enforcement for traffic-related problems such as speeding, stop sign/stoplight violations, seatbelt violations, and drunk/drugged drivers. Also, included is funding for preliminary breath test devices, window tint meters, in-car camera systems, and educational materials, which are all used to assist the officers in performing traffic safety activities.

The APD uses a portion of the funding received from the GTSB to participate in Iowa's Special Traffic Enforcement Program (sTEP) initiatives and Central Iowa Traffic Safety Task Force (CITSTF) saturation patrols. The sTEP initiatives are scheduled throughout the year ranging from 4 days to 2 weeks in length. These enforcement events are typically coordinated around a holiday and \ or in conjunction with a national traffic safety campaign.

CITSTF is a multi-disciplinary collaboration with area state, county, and municipal organizations and law enforcement agencies with the primary focus of reducing traffic fatalities, vehicle-related injuries, and economic costs related to unsafe motoring habits through education and enforcement. CITSTF typically participates in one multi-jurisdictional traffic enforcement project in the central Iowa area each month.