Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are one of the simplest conservation practices you can use to help protect neighboring streams, rivers, or lakes. They are easy to build and install and provide many benefits to you while helping to protect water quality.

Rain barrels are placed in locations that can easily catch water such as at the end of a downspout. Using downspout adapters or flexible elbows, rain barrels are placed at the end of downspouts that are directed to the top of the rain barrel. Rain barrels will fill quickly and will require an overflow drain for excess water. The overflow drain can be a garden hose or outlet pipe pointed away from the house or connected to another barrel to increase storage capacity.

Did you know it only takes 60 square feet of rooftop area to fill a 50-gallon rain barrel during a 1-inch rainfall event? 

The City of Ankeny Stormwater Best Management Practices Reimbursement Program can provide up to $75 reimbursement for the installation of a rain barrel on private property. Contact the Stormwater Division at 515-963-3550 for more information.

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