Rules & Guidelines

Good Sportsmanship Means Following the Rules

To ensure a quality leisure experience, please be aware of and adhere to the following guidelines:

Scheduled Usage

A specific time period and field can be scheduled for your activity. Please make sure that your usage complies with any reservations and that you cooperate with field users both prior to and following your activity.

Practice & Warm-up Guidelines

Do not hit or throw directly into fences. Use catchers during batting practice situations. No soft toss or batting drills will be allowed on the outfield turf at any time. Please use batting cages or areas outside of the fence. Observe turf conditions and rotate the location of warm-ups and practice drills to avoid excess wear to the turf. Please stay off the foul line. No usage will be allowed on prepared fields by teams or individuals that are not scheduled on that diamond.


The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel all reservations and activities on diamonds due to inclement weather and/or diamond conditions. Diamond condition recordings will be available at 3:30 pm on weekdays by calling 515-963-3575, option 4. Diamond conditions for weekend activities will be made as necessary and can be checked by calling 515-963-3577, option 4.

Field Maintenance

All maintenance on diamonds must be performed under the direction of the Sports Field Coordinator. Unauthorized field maintenance is prohibited.

Field Preparation

Any league wanting to make up games must notify the Sports Field Coordinator of any make-ups by noon of that day.


Parking is allowed in parking lot areas only. Vehicles are not allowed in turf or landscaped areas adjacent to ball diamonds. No campers or RVs will be allowed in the parking lot during events or overnight.

Trash & Litter

Please help the maintenance crew by making sure that your team picks up all trash and litter in their dugout following their game. Trash cans are located in every dugout and around each diamond.


Smoking and use of tobacco products is prohibited.


All pets must be on a leash. Pets are not allowed on the fields or in the spectator area at any time.

Field Lights

Help conserve energy and keep down the operational costs at Prairie Ridge Sports Complex. Any field light usage will first have to be approved by the Sports Field Coordinator. Use lights only when necessary for games and make-ups. Field lights should not be used for 1 or 2 individuals; instead, they should be used only for team games or scrimmage situations.

Inclement Weather

Many times inclement weather conditions develop after 3:30 pm when the field condition recording is issued. Team coaches are expected to use good judgment and common sense and avoid the use of diamonds during unsafe playing conditions. During any chance of lightning, all spectators and participants will be asked to wait in their vehicles.

Diamond Condition Report

We would appreciate your assistance in identifying problems or unsafe field conditions that you observe. If you identify a situation on your field that needs correcting, please contact the Sports Field Coordinator at 515-963-3577.

Facility Hours

Preferred Prairie Ridge Sports Complex usage hours are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Failure to comply with user guidelines may result in the loss of privileges.