New Main Pressure & Bacteria Testing

Pressure Test

Pressure and leak testing procedures will follow SUDAS. 

The test report can be completed by the onsite engineering inspector or by a third-party testing company. The installing contractor cannot stand as a witness to the test. The completed test can be emailed to us or delivered to the Public Services Building, 1210 NW Prairie Ridge Drive.

Only after the pressure test has passed and the form has been filed with the City will a bacteria test be scheduled.

Bacteria Testing

After the new water main has been pressure tested, chlorinated, and flushed the contractor will need to call 515-965-6485 to schedule the collection of bacteria samples. Refer to SUDAS and AWWA C651-14 standard for details of the collection procedures accepted by the City of Ankeny.

Before approving a main for release, let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours without any water use. Then collect, using the sampling site procedures outlined and without flushing the main, two sets of samples a minimum of 15 minutes apart while the sampling taps are left running. Both sets of samples must pass for the main to be approved for release.

A set of samples includes all samples collected along the length of the pipeline.

City of Ankeny Water staff will meet the contractor at the scheduled time and provide the necessary sample bottles and paperwork. Ankeny Water staff must witness the collection and sealing of the sample bottles. The contractor is responsible for the delivery of the samples to the Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) lab. Once the water main has passed the testing The City of Ankeny Municipal Utilities Department will allow the water main to be placed into service.

If any bacterial sample from the first set fails, the water main may be flushed and resampled. If any bacterial sample from the second set fails, the disinfection and flushing processes must be repeated. The City of Ankeny may meter the water used for the additional flushing and charge sampling costs back to the project contractor.


In an effort to better operate our system, we request contractors communicate with us via email prior to flushing a water main. Include the location of the main to be flushed and the time you will be flushing. You may continue with the flush after sending the email.