Park Maintenance

The Ankeny Parks and Facilities Division removes snow from city buildings/parking lots, park sidewalks that are adjacent to the roadways, park trails that are adjacent to the roadways and public parking lots.  Trails and sidewalks that meander through neighborhoods and parks that sit outside the right of way are not cleared by the parks crews. Rather these locations are left unplowed for winter recreational activities such as cross country skiing or snow shoeing.


The mowing cycle for city-owned parks is once every seven days. Inclement weather may delay the maintenance schedule.


The Ankeny Parks and Facilities Division is responsible for the maintenance of:

  • All municipal building grounds and facilities
  • City-owned parks
  • Trails
  • City-owned recreational areas and athletic fields
  • Mowing 
  • Tree care in parks - care, planting and removal.
  • Removal of trash, debris, overgrowth and brush from parks.

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